Whatever it Was


A relationship can begin with a look, falter with a secret, and die by the truth. Step inside the lives of six people who are

unaware of each other and oblivious to the merged path they’re traveling; Three couples who know so much, but understand

so little. Lives on a collision course with destinies unimagined but intertwined. An adult drama, with subtle comedy,

“Whatever It Was” is a story of suspense, romance, and the type of passion that destroys everything it touches. Written

by Christopher Lawrence-Menard, the screenplay looks at the unpredictability, tragedy and hope at the heart of a dissolving

relationship. Three couples find themselves falling out of love and into a tangled future with unknown possibilities and

dangers. With the emotional intensity of Patrick Marber’s ‘Closer’, Menard’s screenplay presents a gentler but honest

take on the frailty and resiliency of love’s bonds.


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